About Us

Aerial photography is much more than putting a camera in the air. It is the search for the best light, the perfect composition to show the subject of the photo in the most interesting way possible. In short, we want to tell your story through the best images.
Drones are portable and more flexible than helicopters and we can get much closer to the object being photographed without taking any risks. This way we can drastically reduce the costs of an aerial photo and increase the flexibility and plasticity of the images.  We have more than 20 years of experience in advertising photography and 4 years in aerial photography.
Drone Las Vegas has all the necessary homologations and authorizations to fly in the United States, Brazil and Europe. Our drones are of the latest generation, we shoot pics in high resolution and film in 4K.
We won the first prize in the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts International Photography Award in 2016: First Place in category Landscapes and Drone Photography Award.
Our work has been published by Thames & Hudson and several international magazines.